Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Actually Learned Something in College

For the most part, everything I was taught in college is pretty useless in my chosen career as a stay at home mom. I have a degree in marketing, which means I know a little bit about the "Four Ps," (product, place, price, promotion). Basically, nothing that is really helpful in the home setting. I did have one class though, Consumer Marketing, that has basically changed the way I shop.

I think everyone knows that buying in bulk is usually cheaper. It doesn't always have to be in massive quantities either. For example, at the commissary the other day, I was in the mac & cheese aisle. The lady in front of me picked up three boxes at $1.25 each. Sitting right next to it, was a four-pack of the same exact product for $3.79. So, pretty much a free box. I cringed, grabbed my four-pack (these kids eat mac & cheese like it's their job), and kept on walking.

I've become the crazy person that stands there comparing each product's price per ounce. When I used to do my shopping at Walmart, it meant that usually, I would end up with the store brand product. Never really an issue for me, since I don't have a brand loyalty for most products. Plus, a majority of the time, the store brand and the name brand item are the same exact thing in different packaging. Now though, I feel like a grandma, because I stand there and compare every. single. product.

During class one day, the professor told us that he always checked out what other shoppers had in their carts, to see if they were doing decent job saving money and buying the best deal. At the time, I thought he was a total creep. Seriously, who the hell does that?! Five years later, I do the same exact thing.

Anyone else crazy when it comes to grocery shopping or is it just me?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Balls & Dresses

Since Juliana will still be so little, I wasn't planning on attending the Military Police Ball this year. Anyone that I would trust to watch her is going to be at the event, so I figured I would just stay home. John always goes, but I don't really mind missing out. In my opinion, balls can be rather boring at times anyway. Plus, I've sent him alone in the past, and he survived. 

Even though we had already decided that I was going to skip this ball, John called yesterday afternoon to see if I'd consider going. His NCOIC would rather not attend, so she volunteered to watch the girls if I'd take her place. Sure, why not.. We hadn't even hung up yet and I was already searching for dresses on

Back at Fort Stewart a few of my Army wife friends recommended Lightinthebox for dresses and since then, it's the only place I buy formal gowns from. Their prices are beyond reasonable, you get to choose the exact style/color/size that you want, and the quality  is fantastic. I'd much rather pay $80 and get to keep my dress, versus only getting to wear it once and having to send it back. Just sayin...

Because I have no idea if shipping to Hawaii is just as quick as shipping to the mainland (the dresses are made to order from China), I want to hurry up and order. If I order today, I'll have exactly one month to receive my dress. I'm leaning towards the middle dress, probably in yellow, since it would coordinate well with John's Army dress uniform.

Three out of my four friends on the island will be attending this ball, so I'm kinda looking forward to going. Thanks to a great group of friends, I had a blast at the last ball we attended at Fort Leonard Wood. Lucky for us, some of those same friends will be at this ball too. Woot!