Thursday, October 30, 2014


When we moved into our house on post, I had expectations that I would be BFFs with the other ladies on the block. Our kids would hang out all day and we'd get together for wine and girl's nights. When we had new neighbors move in a few doors down, I even went over with cookies in hopes that we'd spend mornings at each others houses sharing coffee. Sadly, that hasn't been the case. However, after last night, I have a sliver of hope.

While I was preparing dinner, I heard a knock on the door. As I walked towards the front of the house, I heard voices and saw some punk ass teenagers in the area. I was reluctant to open the door in fear that they were selling something or asking for donations. I peeked out the door and saw a lovely purple trick or treat pumpkin with a note hanging out.

Inside the pumpkin was a bunch of candy, two rubber duckies, and some body parts that grow when you put them in water. Veronica and Adri quickly claimed the candy and split it amongst themselves. Fine by me, since I spent yet another day sneaking Snickers from the trick or treat bowl. We'll probably start "growing" the body parts this evening, after school.

I don't have much on my to-do list today, so Juli and I will most likely head to the store to pick up some goodies to boo another neighbor. I'm so happy that this tradition hit our street. I look forward to passing it on, and hopefully forming some friendships with the neighbors.

Have you been boo'd?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DIY Olaf Onesie Costume

Do you want to build a snowman? While I won't be building any actual snowmen anytime soon, I did piece together an adorable little Olaf costume for Juliana to wear for Halloween on Friday.

It actually took me up until about a month ago to even watch Frozen. However, Frozen fever has hit my home for Halloween this year. Finding costumes for Veronica and Adriana was simple. Veronica wanted Elsa, and since Adri lives to mimic Veronica in every way possible, Anna was a simple choice for her. Target for the win.

Juliana, on the other hand, took some searching. Costumes in the 0-3 month size are severely lacking. For the most part, any cute costume that I could find in that size was one of those super thick and heavy ones that would instantly over heat my baby. So, I decided to take costume making into my own hands.

Lucky for me, I already had all of the necessary materials on hand. Juli has tons of little white Gerber onesies and I actually had some felt scraps from a felt pumpkin activity that I was working on for the older two.

Before taking the scissors to fabric, I practiced drawing an Olaf on paper. He's incredibly easy to draw. Once, I was confident in my abilities, I cut two eyebrows, two circles for eyes, and the mouth (minus a giant tooth) out of black felt. For the carrot nose, I cut a slightly rounded and imperfect triangle. Seriously, too easy.

To get all the pieces stuck on, I busted out my glue gun. A few dabs of glue around all of the edges, and we were good to go. If I had wanted to get fancy, I would have used iron on adhesive, like I used to do in college for sorority t-shirts, but honestly, who has time for all of that?! Not this mama.

Just to be sure that the pieces were in fact stuck on, I lightly passed the iron over all of the pieces. Originally, I had planned to outline all of the felt pieces with puffy paint, but I decided against it just to avoid any potential accidents.

Last week, Juli rocked her costume at the girls' preschool Halloween party. It held up perfectly! It even survived an accidental spin through the washer and dryer.