Monday, September 29, 2014


I'm pleased to report that for the second year in a row, I had a really great time attending the Military Police Ball.

Due to horrendous traffic, we missed the social hour, but made it just in time for the receiving line. When you have an event with 600 people though, it's nearly impossible to get them all through that line. So we skipped it.

Not only was our group of friends lucky enough to manage to all get seated together, but we also got a table with a great location. We were one row of table back and a few to the side of the main stage. Pretty close to the door too, which was nice for running out to the bar and such. 

The formal portion was interesting. People had already started to get rather wild before dinner was even served. There was that guy (or several of them) that responded to the toast to the fallen. A First Sergeant in the crowd got up to yell at Soldiers who were acting like asses during the Commander's speech. Some wife behind us was acting rowdy. 

This year was my first year trying the grog. It tasted fine, but smelled sort of like cigarettes or something along those lines. I don't even know. And I don't know why they always chose Diet Coke to represent the spouse at home during a deployment. I don't know about everyone else, but I drink wine like it's water when John is gone.

Since we got there rather late, we didn't have a chance to take very many pictures. Boo.. ): Thankfully my friend took her big camera and snapped one of us partying. I'm still waiting for the Brigade to post their pictures from the event on Facebook, so that I can steal the ones I'm in.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Whoa. I've definitely been in a blogging slump lately. I open up the laptop to start typing and I have no idea where to start. I haven't stuck to my calendar at all and I still have a bunch of half written posts in my drafts that I haven't gotten around to completing. Instead, I am here with bullets.
  • Our military ball is tomorrow. I''m looking forward to attending and having a good time with friends. The girls are SO excited about having a babysitter, and I'm really excited for them to all have a good time together.
  • I plan on practicing doing my makeup this afternoon. I suck at eyeliner, so things could possibly get scary. Why do I have to suck at being a girl?!
  • We did spinning (spun?) in boot camp on Tuesday. My ass and crotch area still hurt so freaking bad! Holy shit?! Who the hell designed those bike seats?! I'll have to bring a pillow with me next time.
  • I have a cute Halloween activity for the girls. I picked up the materials yesterday and I might try to put it together over the weekend. I'm hoping that it turns out as well as I'm envisioning and that they enjoy it for more than 10 minutes. 
  • Caesar tore down ALL of the blinds on the windows that face our backyard last week. I've pretty much hated him since then. Although, I can't fully blame him. Pretty sure it's a neighbor that he's trying to go after. 
  • I'd be okay with skipping Fall and getting straight into Christmas. Our family hasn't had the chance to celebrate Christmas together for the past two years, so I'm finally looking forward to going all out this year. I still have so many Scentsy scents from two years ago when I though John would be home for Christmas.
  • I'd be lying if I said I didn't totally love Kmart's Not Christmas Commercial.

  • The Pinecone Home picture frame giveaway ends today. Make sure you've entered!