Friday, August 22, 2014

Starting Our Vegetable Garden

I am happy to say that my first day of solo-parenting all three girls wasn't nearly as bad as I was anticipating. Other than several interruptions while the doctor and I were speaking, Juliana's appointment went well. Gymnastics was good, except for the fact that it was close to 300 degrees in the gym and poor Juli heats up so easily.

While at home, the littlest one slept the majority of the time. I used that time to take care of some minor chores. Once the big girls started getting restless, I decided it was finally time to get our little vegetable garden started. While my dad was here, we started some tomato plants which inspired me to plant even more vegetables.

Over the weekend, I bought most of the items needed to get our garden started. I picked up a big  raised garden box, along with five packets of seeds and little pots to get them started in. We already had enough dirt for this little project.

Yesterday, I let each girl choose two packets of seeds to get started. They were responsible for filling their pots with dirt, planting the seeds, and watering their pots. Afterwards, we went inside and drew pictures of what we had planted.

Today, my plan is to spend some time outside checking out our new seedlings along with the tomato plants and some sunflowers that the girls planted a few weeks back. I have a few printables courtesy of Pinterest that they'll be able to color and do a few matching activities with.

My goal now is to do more these little projects where we can incorporate learning opportunities. I'll probably check out the lesson plan for V's class and steal some of the activities that they work on on the days that she doesn't attend. I'm actually pleasantly surprised with how much she's learned in the past few weeks of school. I'm hoping that Adri picks up on some of it from our at home learning and who knows, with Juli sitting close by, maybe she'll be a baby genius too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 1 of the Rest of My Life

Say a prayer for me, people. Today will be my very first day home alone with all three girls. John has been back to work for a while now and my parents' month-long vacation to Hawaii ended early this morning. It would be an understatement to say that I am nervous/anxious. Especially since we have a few things to do today outside of the house. 

The parentals did a fantastic job of keeping the house pretty clean, all while entertaining Veronica and Adri. Call me crazy, but I'm going to attempt to do the same myself. For the past week or so, I've been jotting down ideas for a cleaning schedule as well as for the daily routine for the girls. I've printed out a bazillion calendars and lists to assist with that and mainly just keeping day to day life organized. 

I've got a few projects to tackle in the house and yard that I'm looking forward to. Vegetable garden anyone? It'll all be a matter of balance. And a little bit of getting Juli on a schedule. That trip to the hospital this weekend really screwed up what we were beginning to establish. Now with life completely back to our new normal, hopefully we can get something that sticks for all of us. 

We're starting the day off with a follow up doctors appointment for Juli, and then gymnastics in the afternoon. My biggest worry is that it'll be a total shit-show, which will more than likely prevent me from becoming motivated to do anything more than the absolute necessary in the future. I just need the day to go smoothly as proof that a sane life with three kids is possible. 

Let's hope that I've timed leaving the house with three correctly. 

If you have a favorite printable for life management, I'd love to check it out, pleeeease!